Healthcare Technology Management: New Name for the Biomed Field?

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At a two-day meeting last week hosted by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, more than two dozen industry leaders picked a new name for the profession responsible for maintaining and servicing medical equipment.

It's "healthcare technology management."

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I believe that the new name is more ambiguous than any currently used name. Our field has spent the last 40 years trainging people to refer to us as "Biomed". Any nurse in any hospital that I've ever been in refers to our dept. as Biomed and to us as Biomeds or the "Biomed guy". You can't fix something if it's not broken. If you're going to change something it should be an improvement not two steps backwards into ambiguity. Imagine: "Thank you for calling Healthcare Technology Management. Can I help you?" "Oh, sorry, I was trying to get ahold of Biomed".

It has now been over a year since AAMI made the decision to use this new name. . . does anyone think it will stick? As Mark mentioned, we have many years of being called "biomed" to overcome. I haven't heard of any technician or department in the field that actually has decided to self apply the title. I think one of the main hang ups is it just takes too long to say. . . 9 syllables vs. just 2 for "Biomed". People want to go with what's easiest.