CBET Study Group

To all members who are interested in obtaining their certification:

One of our members, Dustin Ream, is organizing a study group through the Colorado Area Biomed Association. As an affiliated association, part of the fee will be waived.

To sign up go to http://www.cabmet.org/ website and fill out the CBET study group individual registration form and pay $60 by check or Paypal. On the registration form put Heartland Biomed Association for the Hospital/Company.

The $60 per person individual registration includes weekly emails with downloadable class material that will be presented for the current week. The teleconference and web will be presented at Children's Hospital on six Thursday’s at 6:00 to 8:00 PM before the test on May 7 2011. Deadline for the signup for the study group is March 11, 2011 through CABMET and deadline for the application to take the test for AAMI is March 26, 2011.

For more information please contact Dustin Ream at 402-955-3760 or email Dustin at dream@childrensomaha.org.